Saturday, 25 October 2014

Barry M gelly nail polish in prickley pear.

Hello again and thanks for reading. I am going to review a Barry M nail polish. I bought it on Amazon uk  at 3.99 along with two shades of pink, as seen in my previous post. 

Day  #1 
Shaked bottle, opened and applied liberally to nails. The polish dried within 5 minutes and left a gel like hi-shine. This day was spent packing for an upcoming house move, typing and writing. 

Day #2 
After the previous day I noticed one nail slightly chipped but for purpose of review I kept the polish on. It was at this point I noticed that the bottle said to apply a base coat. Oops. I did not. This day I spent cleaning and more packing as well as moving stuff around. Hi-shine is still present there is slight chipping at the top of each nail.
At the end of the day I removed the polish. Perhaps next time I will apply the base/ top coat. 

This product has a good gel like finish without the harmful uv lamps. Although not long lasting if you use your hands a lot (who doesn't?) I would recommend applying fresh each day. For £3.99 there is plenty other choice such as Avon at £4 and maybelline for a similar price there are more options out there. 
This was not very enduring 6/10

Much love



  1. Oooh, I quite like the gelly polishes, I have this shade and love it. I do wish it woudn't chip as much! xo

  2. I find nail polishes always chip with me.... :( If I apply it, its normally to the toes as it lasts so much longer there :-)

  3. Looks a very nice colour will have to keep an eye out for it.x

  4. i am awful with nail varnishes i pick at them and never get them perfect, even gel nails only last a day with me! but this one looks good for the toe nails :)

  5. I'm not good with nail varnishes - my nails are always chipping really quickly, but I think I get at least a day!