Sunday, 9 November 2014

W7 in the buff natural nudes eye palette

Dear readers! 

You have probably most likely heard of the beauty brand urban decay. You may or may not know they have recently released 3 palettes of natural shades called "naked 1 2 and 3". 
Well. During a recent trip to semi Chem, I found a cheaper version at only £10 when the naked plettes cost £30 each. 
The brand is w7.
 I have heard positive things about them in the past. I eagerly purchased and took it home. 

The shades are "Buff. Camel. Sand. Chocolate. Topaz. Storm. Silk. Wave. Thunder and Onyx."  
They last around 6-7 hours when applied. Good quality for only a tenner. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Barbara Dally professional brush set

Hello there blog readers. Today I am going to talk about a brush set I recently acquired from my local tesco. It was reduced from £15 to £7.35
it was a complete set, with a powder brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, lip/concealer brush, lash and brow comb/brush.
All of the brushes were of good quality, none of this "hairs falling out whilst using" nonsense that has happened with brushes in the past. 

I especially love the fact it cost £7.35 as in the past it cost £5 for the foundatio brush on it's own! So there are lovely savings to be made.

The brushes come with a black magnetic storage case, as well as general care/ usage instructions. 

An excellent buy! 10/10

Much love, 



Saturday, 25 October 2014

Barry M gelly nail polish in prickley pear.

Hello again and thanks for reading. I am going to review a Barry M nail polish. I bought it on Amazon uk  at 3.99 along with two shades of pink, as seen in my previous post. 

Day  #1 
Shaked bottle, opened and applied liberally to nails. The polish dried within 5 minutes and left a gel like hi-shine. This day was spent packing for an upcoming house move, typing and writing. 

Day #2 
After the previous day I noticed one nail slightly chipped but for purpose of review I kept the polish on. It was at this point I noticed that the bottle said to apply a base coat. Oops. I did not. This day I spent cleaning and more packing as well as moving stuff around. Hi-shine is still present there is slight chipping at the top of each nail.
At the end of the day I removed the polish. Perhaps next time I will apply the base/ top coat. 

This product has a good gel like finish without the harmful uv lamps. Although not long lasting if you use your hands a lot (who doesn't?) I would recommend applying fresh each day. For £3.99 there is plenty other choice such as Avon at £4 and maybelline for a similar price there are more options out there. 
This was not very enduring 6/10

Much love


Thursday, 23 October 2014

In my letter box

Hello there everyone. I am currently in the process of moving , not much to show so I thought it would be nice to do an "in my letterbox" post...

First of all we have 
Barry m belly nail polishes , these are something like 3.99 on Amazon so thought I would try. 
I might even do a post on them (of course I will) 

Now 88. There is now 89 coming out soon but I thought I would get this. For some reason iTunes has only put half of albums on my iPad so will need to get that sorted. 

I am a coeliac (basically I can't have gluten, which is found in many cereals) so thought I would try a coeliac book for inspiration. 

More inspiration 

Sasse and belle makeup bag ( I love owls) also sorry for quality it's taken on IPad. 

Phone case. (Phone is still yet to come. It's taken 8 days so far.)

Thanks for reading.  


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Asda little angels conditioning shampoo

Firstly I would like to say I am sorry for the lack of detail in the last post, I had a dreadful cold. 
Anyway, moving on, I shall briefly mention about the Asda little angels range. Asda have a range of baby products that are great value and gentle on baby's skin. They are suitable for newborns. 
We here at budget beauty mum have used the cotton buds, baby bath, wipes and nappies before and could not be more impressed.
The products in the range are "chosen by mums" and this particular product was awarded "mother and baby silver award" in the baby skincare range/ product. 
And the best bit? This was only ONE POUND! As compared to £2.50 + for the leading brand. 

The bottle says that it is "good on hair and scalp" that it is "no tears formulation" and "hypoallergenic" 

It has a soft mild scent, it lathers well and leaves baby's hair soft and light. My husband said that he preferred it to the leading brand because he felt it covered baby's head more easily.  It rinses out quickly and easily too. 

I would buy this again and to be perfectly honest I am thinking of making this our choice of baby shampoo. Worth the extra walk to Asda for us anyway!

Much love, 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lidl toujours smart pant/ nappies

I decided to try these while I was in lidl trying their perfume (which was nice but too mature for me) 
At 2.99 I thought it would make changing my son easier as he wriggles. 
Although unfortunately they gave him a red bum so we had to stop use they seemed absorbent enough...

Sorry but that is all for now as I am ill...x

Friday, 10 October 2014

Argan oil shampoo and conditioner

You have probably seen these before
and you have possibly, like myself, wondered "are those actually any good" 
everyone and anyone has seemed to have jumped on the "argan oil" bandwagon.
I decided to try them out, they are available in many shops, I happened to purchase them from the "discount brand" aisle in my local Tesco. Priced at one pound each, I thought "why not?" The only drawback (which I can understand as they are tubes and the actual product might ooze out) they have seals so I couldn't smell what the scent was like. Not one to be deterred I bought them anyway.
So the following day, I used them in the shower. 
The shampoo didn't seem to lather as well as other shampoos I have used but nonetheless, it had a mild fragrance, it rinsed off easily and I then decided to apply the conditioner.
I squirted out a small amount of conditioner, as you do, massaged it into my hair. I could tell that it was conditioning my hair at least because the knots in my hair seemed to disappear.

Now, the shampoo says that it "nourishes and moisturizes leaving hair shiny, smooth and healthy"
and the conditioner says that it "rejuvenates and rehydrates leaving hair shiny, smooth and healthy"

Does my hair feel nourished? Yes. Does my hair feel rejuvenated and rehydrated...yes.
Has my hair been left shiny smooth and healthy. Yes.
So, these do as they say at least, but I was a bit disappointed by the lack of foam and the fragrance was a bit too mild for me.

I would recommend these if you were after a no frills conditioning treatment for your hair, but not if you like tons of lather and a strong smelling shampoo. 

(I will use these again however, just the finish them, waste not want not, haha.)