Friday, 10 October 2014

Argan oil shampoo and conditioner

You have probably seen these before
and you have possibly, like myself, wondered "are those actually any good" 
everyone and anyone has seemed to have jumped on the "argan oil" bandwagon.
I decided to try them out, they are available in many shops, I happened to purchase them from the "discount brand" aisle in my local Tesco. Priced at one pound each, I thought "why not?" The only drawback (which I can understand as they are tubes and the actual product might ooze out) they have seals so I couldn't smell what the scent was like. Not one to be deterred I bought them anyway.
So the following day, I used them in the shower. 
The shampoo didn't seem to lather as well as other shampoos I have used but nonetheless, it had a mild fragrance, it rinsed off easily and I then decided to apply the conditioner.
I squirted out a small amount of conditioner, as you do, massaged it into my hair. I could tell that it was conditioning my hair at least because the knots in my hair seemed to disappear.

Now, the shampoo says that it "nourishes and moisturizes leaving hair shiny, smooth and healthy"
and the conditioner says that it "rejuvenates and rehydrates leaving hair shiny, smooth and healthy"

Does my hair feel nourished? Yes. Does my hair feel rejuvenated and rehydrated...yes.
Has my hair been left shiny smooth and healthy. Yes.
So, these do as they say at least, but I was a bit disappointed by the lack of foam and the fragrance was a bit too mild for me.

I would recommend these if you were after a no frills conditioning treatment for your hair, but not if you like tons of lather and a strong smelling shampoo. 

(I will use these again however, just the finish them, waste not want not, haha.)

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  1. I've also used these before and found them average. I'm definitely an Aussie hair girl, that stuff smells amazing!
    Love lucinda @ xx