Thursday, 23 October 2014

In my letter box

Hello there everyone. I am currently in the process of moving , not much to show so I thought it would be nice to do an "in my letterbox" post...

First of all we have 
Barry m belly nail polishes , these are something like 3.99 on Amazon so thought I would try. 
I might even do a post on them (of course I will) 

Now 88. There is now 89 coming out soon but I thought I would get this. For some reason iTunes has only put half of albums on my iPad so will need to get that sorted. 

I am a coeliac (basically I can't have gluten, which is found in many cereals) so thought I would try a coeliac book for inspiration. 

More inspiration 

Sasse and belle makeup bag ( I love owls) also sorry for quality it's taken on IPad. 

Phone case. (Phone is still yet to come. It's taken 8 days so far.)

Thanks for reading.  



  1. I'd love to see a post about your favourite GF recipes.

  2. I love the make-up bag - I'm a huge owl fan too! I can't believe the 'NOW' series is up to 88. I rememver listening to NOW 27! :D
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  3. Oooh my biggest sister would love your phone case! And my big sister loves owls too! x

  4. Good luck with the move. I love the live, love and laugh moto :-)