Sunday, 9 November 2014

W7 in the buff natural nudes eye palette

Dear readers! 

You have probably most likely heard of the beauty brand urban decay. You may or may not know they have recently released 3 palettes of natural shades called "naked 1 2 and 3". 
Well. During a recent trip to semi Chem, I found a cheaper version at only £10 when the naked plettes cost £30 each. 
The brand is w7.
 I have heard positive things about them in the past. I eagerly purchased and took it home. 

The shades are "Buff. Camel. Sand. Chocolate. Topaz. Storm. Silk. Wave. Thunder and Onyx."  
They last around 6-7 hours when applied. Good quality for only a tenner. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Barbara Dally professional brush set

Hello there blog readers. Today I am going to talk about a brush set I recently acquired from my local tesco. It was reduced from £15 to £7.35
it was a complete set, with a powder brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, lip/concealer brush, lash and brow comb/brush.
All of the brushes were of good quality, none of this "hairs falling out whilst using" nonsense that has happened with brushes in the past. 

I especially love the fact it cost £7.35 as in the past it cost £5 for the foundatio brush on it's own! So there are lovely savings to be made.

The brushes come with a black magnetic storage case, as well as general care/ usage instructions. 

An excellent buy! 10/10

Much love,