Sunday, 19 October 2014

Asda little angels conditioning shampoo

Firstly I would like to say I am sorry for the lack of detail in the last post, I had a dreadful cold. 
Anyway, moving on, I shall briefly mention about the Asda little angels range. Asda have a range of baby products that are great value and gentle on baby's skin. They are suitable for newborns. 
We here at budget beauty mum have used the cotton buds, baby bath, wipes and nappies before and could not be more impressed.
The products in the range are "chosen by mums" and this particular product was awarded "mother and baby silver award" in the baby skincare range/ product. 
And the best bit? This was only ONE POUND! As compared to £2.50 + for the leading brand. 

The bottle says that it is "good on hair and scalp" that it is "no tears formulation" and "hypoallergenic" 

It has a soft mild scent, it lathers well and leaves baby's hair soft and light. My husband said that he preferred it to the leading brand because he felt it covered baby's head more easily.  It rinses out quickly and easily too. 

I would buy this again and to be perfectly honest I am thinking of making this our choice of baby shampoo. Worth the extra walk to Asda for us anyway!

Much love, 

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