Sunday, 2 November 2014

Barbara Dally professional brush set

Hello there blog readers. Today I am going to talk about a brush set I recently acquired from my local tesco. It was reduced from £15 to £7.35
it was a complete set, with a powder brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, lip/concealer brush, lash and brow comb/brush.
All of the brushes were of good quality, none of this "hairs falling out whilst using" nonsense that has happened with brushes in the past. 

I especially love the fact it cost £7.35 as in the past it cost £5 for the foundatio brush on it's own! So there are lovely savings to be made.

The brushes come with a black magnetic storage case, as well as general care/ usage instructions. 

An excellent buy! 10/10

Much love, 




  1. This sounds like a fab bargain and great that they come in a cute case to keep them all together!! xx

  2. wowzer thats a great bargain ,I like the magnetic case a lot ! Manjiri - 'sliceoffme'